Sunday, 2 August 2015

First Hive script on Hadoop cluster

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This post will help you to write and execute your first Hive script from Linux terminal. Before we go ahead, you have to start hadoop. You can start it by calling file available in hadoop directory. To run Hive script, you must have Hive directory available on your system.

In my case I have hadoop available at /usr/local/hadoop-2.6.0 and Hive at /usr/local/hive-0.11.0

1. Run hadoop
[pavan@Pavan ~]$/usr/local/hadoop-2.6.0/sbin/
[pavan@Pavan ~]$ jps
6945 ResourceManager
9958 Jps
6784 SecondaryNameNode
7072 NodeManager
6609 DataNode
6472 NameNode

2. Create Hive script
You may follow given sequence while creating your first hive script

A. Drop table if exists
B. Create a new table with appropriate fields in it
C. describe table schema
D. Load data from local file into Hive table
E. Select data from Hve table

3. Open a file, put above all commands into it, and save it by ".sql" or ".hql" extension.

4. Contents of FirstHive.hql file is shown below:

5.  Contents of student.txt, input file to be loaded into hive table

 6. Run hive script
Syntax: $hive -f hivescriptfilename

[pavan@Pavan ~]$ hive -f FirstHive.hql

7. Cross check the output from hive terminal

 Congratulations. You have successfully prepared and executed Hive script file.



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